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10 January 2007 @ 06:14 pm
AIM Thread// Nathan & Haley; Text Messages of meaning  

JustHaley23: Nathan, you're online. Where are you?
HotterScottBro: I'm using my phone lol
JustHaley23: Nathan, you're online. Where are you?
HotterScottBro: I'm using my phone lol
JustHaley23: Okay, that sort of answers my question. Where are you? lol
HotterScottBro: river court
JustHaley23: And you didn't invite me along? I'm hurt. =p
HotterScottBro: lol sorry but the guys would laugh at your free throw
JustHaley23: Hey! Shutup, Mr. I suck at Math.
HotterScottBro: hey i've gotten better
JustHaley23: Uh huh. Okay. Prove it. What is the square root of 545?
JustHaley23: See? Prove me wrong, Mr. Scott.
HotterScottBro: something . something something
JustHaley23: Wrong!
JustHaley23: See you suck. Get a tutor! ; ]
HotterScottBro: i have one tutor girl
JustHaley23: Yeah? Who's that? I swear I thought I stopped tutoring you after you decided to show me that you were an ass.
HotterScottBro: haha very funny
JustHaley23: Haha, you know I'm joking, baby.
JustHaley23: So, are you with the guys or by your self?
HotterScottBro: with the guys
HotterScottBro: shooting for teams
HotterScottBro: since luke's in the hospital they asked me instead
JustHaley23: And here I am sitting at home, not cheering you guys on.
HotterScottBro: that is if skills ever stops bragging
JustHaley23: Well, you know him. When he thinks he's good, he'll tell everyone.
HotterScottBro: yeah i know
HotterScottBro: want me to come home cause i can if you want me to
JustHaley23: No, that's okay. You're having fun!
HotterScottBro: u sure? we can try to convince mouth to play
JustHaley23: Nathan, have you even seen Mouth play a game of basketball? No. Let's keep it that way, haha. Just kidding. But No, it's okay. You only coe home when you want to. Don't let me stop you form havign fun. =)
HotterScottBro: maybe call peyton or brooke and ask if they want to hang out. have a girl's afternoon. splurge
JustHaley23: Splurge? Nathan have I ever heard you say that?
HotterScottBro: well we need more stuff for little nathan jr.
JustHaley23: Nathan jr. huh? I don't think so.
HotterScottBro: you know you like the name nathan :p
JustHaley23: Only if the name belongs to you, Sweetie. :)
JustHaley23: That reminds me, we need to start looking at names soon.
HotterScottBro: all right, we'll start doing that when we get home
HotterScottBro: meanwhile go out with peyton or brooke to get a name dictionary so we don't name him something that means war or something
JustHaley23: Haha, will do. Don't stay out too late. -kisses- I love you and have fun. ; ]
HotterScottBro: k hales, i'll be home in a couple of hours. love you