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31 December 2006 @ 04:19 pm
Hey, look! You found us! You must have accidently stumbled across our One Tree Hill RPG. Don't worry it's okay, we welcome anyone and everyone. Sorry to say, but this community is Friends Only. Feel free to reply here with your application which is posted below [all entries will be screened] and we'll see if you are a good candidate for the role of your choosing or of the role that is available. Good luck!

Lucas Scott lucaseugenescot

Nathan Scott 23scott

Brooke Davis

Peyton Sawyer whydotheyleave

Haley James Scott lovely_hales

Rachel Gattina rachel_gattina

Chris Keller

Jake Jagielski

Mouth McFadden

Bevin Murskey

Skills Taylor

Gigi Silveri

Dan Scott

Karen Roe

Deb Scott

Coach Whitey Durham

Cooper Lee

Chase Adams

Original Characters

Alex Carson

OTH Character:
OTH Journal:
Brief entry as character:

AIM isn't needed but it would be nice if you had it so it could be easier to RP. :) If you prefer to RP through a thread, that's welcome too!

Once you are accepted, add everyone to your journal, add the community and start rping! See ya in the threads! :)
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Samantha Joy: James Laffertyshoutsoutloud on June 28th, 2007 12:45 am (UTC)
Re: Brooke Davis.
Lovely! Thank you for applying and I don't even have to say it twice! You're accepted and YAY!! I'm soo glad! You know whats cool? You're brooke in mie rp and i'm rachel in yours! Sweet! haha. Congrats. Not all you have to do is add everyone and get started! See ya in the threads and on AIM!

Samantha Joy!