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Well, here it is. ourtreehill's profile and what else goes in a community profile other then rules, right? Right. Just so it doesn't sound like we're bossing everyone around, which we might add we're not, we'd figure we set up some tips or some regulations to keep everything spic and span in this community. The simple thing to do it follow them and everything will be fine and dandy. Okay, let's begin. =)

Usually we don't put an age limit on a RPing community but due to some obscure scenes and language, you must be at the age of 14 to get into this community. We'd like you to be honest also when you apply. If you are under 14 and you think you can handle it and feel you can write pretty well, we'll look into your profile and discuss if you are indeed able to handle it. Remember, we are all mature adults here. We're used to NC-17 scenes due from other role plays and fanfiction. We don't want anyone in here that is going to be immature about it.

I'd like to begin by saying that everyone must be added to everyone else's journal and rping list before any scenes are carried out. This way, everyone can see and catch up on what is going on within the characters of the community. It's a lot easier to keep track of things and keep them organized. Make sure you do not leave anyone out. If you're not sure on who was all added or if any newcomers had been added, go to the character list here and that will give you all the members of the RPing community.

Have you ever heard of a Out of Character community [OOCC]? That's one thing we also have linked to Our tree hill.
ourtreehillooc is where everything is placed when you're not in character and you want to speak with another member or the whole group. Since it was just created by the wonderful Christine, most of you probably don't have it. All newcomers, make sure this community is added your character journals and/or your personal journals if you have one. This helps keep the OOC separate from the IC posts.

Actvity is a beautiful thing. In this community, it means a great deal that you keep your character [especially main characters] updated and active. Now, we're not saying that you have to update everyday and be on at every minute but it would be nice to see your character's journal filled with some sort of notion that you're still alive. Oh, almost forgot, since we want to keep things safe and free from spammers, make all posts in the community friends only so that only members to your journal can see them. This will keep all posts safe and not spammed by non-members. As long as you do that, then we're good! We don't want to see any dead people. ;)

I know we probably won't have this problem in here, but just as a reminder to all newcomers, You Can Not Play Other People's Characters in a scene or Roleplay. This can only happen if the member with that character says it's okay. Other wise, you can not do that. It is a definite rule. Usually I won't make warnings, but if this is found by anyone without talking to the person of that character, you will be warned. It's an easy rule. Don't be threatened :p

Here's a rule that everyone must follow. Keep your characters, in character. Meaning have them act like they would on the show. It may be hard for some people to get into that character but try your best to keep your character like the one on the show. For example: Brooke is a cheerleader and a happy go lucky girl. Don't make her into a goth or emo when she shouldn't be. There. Easy enough? I think so. =D

When Rping in a thread or AIM thread, grammar is expected of all of us members. Now, we aren't English freaks and will spazz on you if you spell a few things wrong, but don't be lazy. Spell things right if you know how to spell them. It's not hard to look something up in a dictionary.

Not everyone is a good writer or describer. Most of that comes from pure talent. We're a helpful community. If you find that a member is having a hard time writing or coming up with a storyline, help a friend out! As I said in another rule, it's hard to get into your character sometimes so give that person tips. Tell them to watch their character in action of all emotions, get inside their head, think like them. Hopefully those tips will guide them down the path they need to be for their character.


There is no contract telling any of you that you are bounded to your role or to this community. If you want out, just let us know and respectively give up your role and wave goodbye on the way out. Simple as that, folks! One thing that will not be tolerated is the killing of one's character. If the character is not dead on the show, do not kill them off in the rp. Give up your role with pride and we'll replace it with another.
Moderator's Request: If you are leaving the RP and you have a journal that you will not be using no longer, we are asking to hand it over so we can use that journal for the next member who wants to be your character. It would be easier and less of a hassle this way. Thanks.


Sometimes people need breaks from what they do because of stress, school, family, ect. That's cool with us. But wait, there's a catch. If you are planning on leaving for more than a couple days, then you must PM either myself, Joy @ shoutsoutloud, Berry @ berrymcgregor or Christine @ snowflakie06 so we can find a way to work around the community without your character. We understand if you need a break so don't hesitate to let us know. We're nice people here, we won't tear your head off! :)


Wow... see? That wasn't that hard and following these guidelines will be a snap! They are all simple and easy and just remember, they aren't really rules, they are just little reminders to keep this place organized! This is pretty much it for now. Also, keep in mind if any of you need any help, don't be afraid to ask! Just get ahold of one or all of the three mods and we'll gladly help you. Also, if you do not feel comfortable right away about asking us, just ask one of your cast members. They would love to pitch in and help a friend.


Last but not least, this is a stress-free rpg. So.. HAVE FUNN with it! Don't take it too seriously. This is meant to be fun so let it stay that way! Good luck in the posts and on AIM! :)



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Disclaimer: This is a RP Community on the CW series, One Tree Hill. This community is in no way, shape, or form connected to the show or it's cast members. This is for entertainment purposes only.